Patented scanner solution with exceptionally fast scanning in an extremely small footprint. 

scanner.jpgThis easy-to-use, auto-start, anti-skew, anti-dirt and anti-jam scanner operates with all the PC industry standard interfaces. It has a proven reliability with MTBF of more than two years and a life of more than 500,000 transactions. Applications include document management, banking, gaming and retail EPOS solutions. This scanner is used in more than 6000 locations and has processed in excess of 10 billion transactions.

  • Exceptionally fast scanning less than 0.3 second for a check and 1.0 second for a full A4 form at 200 DPI
  • Scans photographs, documents and handwriting which can be processed with most OCR packages
  • Extremely small footprint. Handles document sizes from 60mm x 60mm up to a full A4 size
  • Connects processor and printer through high-speed USB port technology or can be embedded in any equipment
  • Resolution from 100-600 DPI Optical 8-bit and 4-bit grayscale as well as 1-bit black and white
  • Auto-start, auto-skew, anti-dirt and anti-jam patented technologies
  • MTBF of more than two years
  • Life of more than 500,000 transactions